AJ Photography - Company Message

Me (AJ)

*I have been described as loud, goofy, off the wall, energetic, and caring

*I grew up in Stony Plain, left for awhile to see greener grass & came right back home to Stony Plain

*I hold my family & friends close

*I call everyone sweetie & hun I don't know why

*I enjoy traveling & road trips and getting outside as often as possible even if it's just to feel the grass between my toes (barefoot is the way to go)

*I will talk your ear off

*I have a weakness for ice cream & Starbucks

*I love emotions, all of them, my favorite moments to capture are the true real emotions

*I love to create in every aspect of life

*Most would say I'm always working but really I'm just always playing. This is my passion not just my job
All in all I like to have fun, laugh and I have ant's in my pants

My Work

I have been doing photography for almost 9 years whether hobby or work I love all types and aspects. I love what I do and have a true passion for it. I believe our photo's are the art of our lives displayed for all to see.

My first camera was given to me by my Grandfather when I was very little and I still have it today
Photography became an obsession when I first realized I could freeze a point in life that could be reflected upon and bring back all of the emotion and memories attached to it

This is my reflection time on life and how it's ever changing.

I like to get to know my clients personally, as many of them become more than that, this allows me to get excited with them, know the real moments that matter and capture the true emotion and the style reflected in their lives.

To look at a photograph and be able to feel the moment as if you were right there, to feel like you truly know the story. This is my goal each and everyday. 
With a desire to create and offer my clients a fun memorable experience, I  am continually trying new things, working one on one personalizing every session to suit the client

 I look forward to working alongside you and your Family 

The Sky's the Limit!

So let's talk, e-mail, send smoke signals or my favorite grab a coffee

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