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A little about me

I still remember my first camera, it was given to me by my grandfather when I was 8 years old and it has been love ever since. I started my adventure with film and still remember the anticipation and excitement of waiting to see what I had captured. 

Photography became an obsession when I realized I could freeze a moment or emotion that could later be reflected upon and invoke emotions and memories. Capturing something or someone from a different point of view that all on its own creates a statement. . . . . . . yep right there is all the why!

I have never been able to stay still physically or mentally, I strongly believe in not taking any moment for granted and making the best of everyday! Capturing families and life's real ever changing moments not only allows me to be creative but also capture the movement of life!

I strive to know my clients personally, this allows me to get excited with them, capture true emotions and create art they can relate to.

Tid Bit's about me:

- Wife and mom to my fur baby

- Coffee is life!!!

- My family and friends are my world!

- I am described as loud, goofy, and caring.

- Get ready cause I'm a hugger, hands on and call everyone sweetie and hun.

- Any opportunity to feel the grass between my toes, barefoot all the way!

- Heels are not just for dressing up. . . . they are a statement and demand attention ;)

- Emotions, I love all of them, I am always aiming to capture the true real emotions.

- I’m a perfectionist but far from perfect and a pleaser at heart.

- 100% obsessed with finding the good in life and recognizing the beauty, seeing people full of spirit, excitement and passion is what it is all about.

- Always dancing, moving, just general ant's in my pants!

- I married the most amazing man and he is just as ridiculous as me.

I hope you enjoy every second of your experience with me.


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